3 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes You and Your Kids Will Love

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Those who live a gluten-free lifestyle, often get comments like, “That sounds like a lot of work” or “Where do you find the time?” But while living gluten-free can be a challenge, there are substitutes you can make that let you and your family enjoy some of your favorite meals, but just with a twist. So here are three easy gluten-free recipes you and your kids will enjoy.

  1. Gluten-Free Taco Nights

This classic is one of the easiest gluten-free recipes that only require a couple of fixes to be one of your favorite gluten-free meals. Trade out your flour tortillas for corn. Also, instead of adding flour to thicken your taco meat, switch to cornstarch. Put out bowls of fresh veggies, salsa and shredded cheese, and you’re all set.

In addition to being quick and simple, taco night gives you a chance to teach your kids about how to prepare their own food. And that gives them a sense of confidence and independence.

  1. Turn Noodles to Zoodles

When I first started making gluten-free recipes, my worst craving was for a big plate of homemade spaghetti. But giving up wheat doesn’t mean you have to give up pasta. Instead of traditional noodles, try making zoodles. They are zucchini you shred in the shape of pasta noodles. Zoodles are available in most grocery aisles.

Or, you can make your own with a spiralizer, grater or vegetable peeler. If your little ones are old enough, it can be a blast to have them pitch in, as well. Once you’ve made your zoodles, you can serve them raw with butter, pesto or sauce. Also, you can sauté them with olive oil for a few minutes, then serve with garlic and parmesan.

  1. Try a Stir-Fry with Liquid Amino Acids

This recipe is perfect when you have extra veggies around. And better yet, this scrumptious dish only takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Rice is a great grain to incorporate into a gluten-free diet without reverting to glutinous staples, like wheat or barley. While that’s cooking, grab some gluten-free soy sauce from your preferred grocery store.

Or, if they don’t carry it, substitute liquid aminos, a staple in most health food aisles. Sauté your veggies with soy sauce or liquid aminos. Feel free to add a protein, like tofu or chicken. Mix it all together and you’ve got one of the quickest, healthiest gluten-free recipes ever.

You don’t have to suffer when you need to avoid eating gluten. With these three easy gluten-free recipes, you and your family will feel full and satisfied. But best of all, you’ll be healthier, too.


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