3 Tips to Help Kids Be Happier Doing Chores

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3 Tips to Help Kids Be Happier Doing Chores

As a parent, you are no doubt very busy, taking care of your kids and home, while trying to train your children so they can be successful adults. Kids, of course, need time to relax and play, but one thing that can teach them responsibility while they’re young, is having a few chores of their own that are age appropriate.

Sometimes, despite all the prevalent parenting advice on the subject, it can seem difficult to get kids to actually want to clean their room, or help around the house, but that shouldn’t stop you from teaching your kids to clean up after themselves and to help do their share. Even with challenges, there are ways to get kids to be happier doing chores. Here are just a few.

1.) Allow them to earn rewards. After they complete a certain amount of chores, over a certain time frame, they could earn a small allowance or gain extra privileges, maybe being able to go somewhere or do something fun. When kids earn things from their work, they are not going to dislike the work itself as much, or at all, because they will see an advantage of doing it. Also, this prepares them for how things work in the real world when they get a job- that they work before they get paid.

2.) Make sure they see the good results of the work itself. Take time to explain the benefits of any work they do. For example, having a clean room means they will be able to find their things, and helping Mom or Dad prepare a meal or bake cookies means they get to enjoy the food afterwards. Doing dishes means there is a clean plate to put their food on, and taking care of their clothes means they will be able to find and wear their favorite outfit, which will be clean. They should realize that helping with chores helps the whole family, and will give Mom and Dad more time to spend with them as well.

3.) Be consistent. After a while, kids will get used to any regular chores they have. Extra work is only ‘extra’ if they don’t normally do it. If they have a list every day of what they need to do, it will be easy for you both to keep track of. A dry erase board is a great tool you can use to mark down their daily list of chores, and the kids can easily check them off after they’re done.

You can succeed in getting your kids to help out with chores appropriate for their age, and this will help both them and you. When you are consistent and they see how it benefits them and the whole family, they will be more eager to help out, and when they’re done they will be able to feel good about their work, and enjoy their downtime.


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