3 Work From Home Jobs to Suit Your Personality Plus a Way to Earn While You Shop

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3 Work From Home Jobs to Suit Your Personality (Plus, 1 Way to Earn $ While You Shop!)

Whether you’re looking for work from home jobs as a full-time gig or just to earn a few bucks on the side, here are some options to consider:

Proud to be a “People” Person?

Providing customer service for a call center is an ideal job for “people people” who can handle a fast pace and stressful situations. Many call centers are now outsourcing their calls to at-home call center agents. This is ideal for a side gig because you often schedule your own hours in small increments, such as three-hour shifts (though some agents work enough hours for a full-time job!). The pay ranges on average from your state’s minimum wage up to $12 to $15 an hour as starting rates.

Well-Versed in the ABCs of Sales?

If you’ve ever worked in sales, then you know the salesperson ABCs: always be closing. If you thrive on the challenge of closing the deal, you’ll enjoy doing direct sales from home. These positions usually pay more than traditional customer service at-home agent roles because of the special sales skills involved. Starting pay rates for these types of jobs could be $16 to $20 per hour. Commission or bonuses may be available as well. Remember: Sales doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you’re good at it, you can succeed in this type of at-home work!

Want to Go to the Dogs?

If you like getting outside in the fresh air and getting in some activity more than sitting in front of a computer, there’s a great job for you, but there’s one very important requirement: Must. Love. Dogs. A dog walker’s schedule and workload can vary from day today, but if you love working with mutts, it’s a fun, always in-demand job. Another option is to do dog-sitting. List your services on a specialized website (which typically requires interviews and/or references) and then keep pets in your own home. Dog sitters can make up to $40 a night!

Ready to Save Money While You Shop?

If you are the family’s designated shopper, why not make it your “job” to save and earn money doing what’s already your specialty? You can earn digital points by using websites and apps while you shop. One popular app called EasyShift allows you to complete micro jobs such as checking if a certain product is on the shelf. You can earn $2 to $20 (or more!) for these tasks. Another option is to join a site like Swagbucks that pays you for shopping online, doing web searches, or taking surveys. It’s not a part-time job, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. For instance, you can earn a couple of dollars for a survey that just takes a few minutes to do!


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