7 Energizing Snacks That Will Get You Through Your Afternoon Slump

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The fuel you give to your body helps you get through the day better, especially if you’re a mom. Also, ensuring you are properly energized before exercising can prevent burnout and excessive fatigue later in the day. Grabbing a quick, beneficial snack on the way out the door may seem like a no-brainer. But most people struggle to find something both quick and healthy. If you need ideas for some healthy snacks, here is a list of grab-and-go foods to keep your body fueled and energized throughout the day.

  1. Combine Fruit with Nuts

Whether you purchase a pre-made trail mix or make your own, the balance of protein, carbs, and fruit sugars in fruit and nut trail mixes will give your body the boost it needs. Most moms lack the time to cook, so this is one of the healthy snacks that takes little time to prepare. You can create several energizing snacks with a variety of nuts and fruit.

  1. Eat Protein Shakes and Bars

Protein bars and shakes provide you with ample amounts of protein to energize your muscles as you go. They are easy to find and you can conveniently eat them on the go. Just be sure to make sure they don’t have a lot of sugar. Energizing snacks are low in sugar and can help you avoid another slump later.

  1. Enjoy Some Fruit and Cheese

Like trail mix, the combination of fruit and cheese gives you an energy boost from the protein and fruit sugars. Cube up some different combinations of fruits and cheese for lots of healthy snacks and find your favorite flavor combinations.

  1. Combine Yogurt with Granola

Instead of milk in your granola, mix in a half cup of your favorite yogurt. This delicious snack combo will give you the protein and complex carbs your body needs to keep you active. This is one of the most popular energizing snacks people have enjoyed for ages.

  1. Don’t Forget the Fresh Berries

Berries are one of the best superfoods you can consume. Nothing rivals them in taste, and they are full of antioxidants and natural sugars to give you the energy boost you need. You can even add some to yogurt for an extra bit of protein.

  1. Make Frozen Yogurt Bites

Create a twist on traditional berries and yogurt by spooning them into a lined mini muffin tin and putting it in the freezer. This natural sugar and protein-packed treat is perfect for those warmer days, too.

  1. Spread Some Peanut Butter on Your Celery

This classic combination is a great way to get healthy fats and protein from peanut butter. The celery adds a hefty dose of fiber to keep you feeling full as you go, preventing you from craving an unhealthy snack when you are done.

Ensuring your body has the fuel it needs to get through each day with healthy snacks will fuel your body. When you eat these foods before exercising or walking, you can continue without burning out. So try a few of these recommended snacks and find out which ones work best for you.


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