Beat Your Child’s Flu Blues With These 4 Entertaining Games

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The flu season is almost here. Your child’s flu blues happen when boredom and restlessness set in as they begin to feel better, yet they aren’t quite well enough to resume most activities. So what’s a parent to do? While the doctor probably prescribes bed rest, here’s how to entertain your youngster and make their day much brighter.

1. Crayon Rubbings

Using just paper, crayons, and flat household items, children can amuse themselves with this popular art technique. Gather a variety of items, such as combs, Popsicle sticks, grater, coins, paper clips, leaves, etc. Place the paper on top of the object; use a peeled crayon and rub it over the entire surface of the object. A textured crayon rubbing will appear.

2. Marble Board Game

Take a box lid, one that is sturdy such as a shoebox. Carefully poke a few holes inside the lid smaller than the marble you will be using. Now, draw pictures around these holes with crayons or markers, such as flowers, lollipops, balloons, or a nose on an animal.

To play this game, drop the marble in the lid and tilt the box to roll the marble. Try to land the marble in the holes around your pictures.

3. Flannel Board Stories

A miniature flannel board is a great background for storytelling. To begin, glue a piece of flannel material to the inside of a shoebox lid. This is the storytelling board. To make characters for the story, use felt pieces or cut out magazine pictures.

Glue the magazine cutouts to cardboard pieces with sandpaper strips adhered on the back. This will allow them to stick to the flannel. You can use rolled masking tape as a variation. Use the shoebox to store all the pieces.

4. Clothespins Learning Game

Clothespins provide an opportunity for children to learn while having fun. Materials required for this bedside game include spring-type clothespins, markers, and a wire hanger. For school-age children, depending upon their word skills, the parent or child should print an alphabet letter on each wooden pin.

Then snap clothespins on the hanger to make words. For the preschooler, use shapes and colors for an educational matching game. Make two of each shape and color. The parent can clip the clothespins on the hanger and ask the child to match it.

With just a few art materials and recycled items, new toy and game ideas will help the waiting time go by quickly and with a smile on your child’s face.


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