Calming Elements

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Calming Elements

Many people find that getting in touch with nature is a helpful relaxation tool. Nature exists around us. We often take it for granted but can quickly engage with nature by coming in contact with the basics elements of the earth.


Touching the earth or picking up part of the earth can literally or figuratively be grounding. We are no closer to the earth than when we hold it in our hands. Working the soil or simply carrying a stone in our hand or kept in our pocket keeps us near the earth even when away from direct contact with it.


Know the invisibility of the air that it is around us and its life-giving and sustaining properties. Allow yourself to feel the breeze or wind. Notice the subtle or extreme changes in direction it takes. Feel the changes in temperature. Breathe the air while simultaneously be surrounded by it.


Whether we visit a stream, a bubbling brook, a raging river, waterfall, or ocean, we can experience the power of the earth’s water. A glass of water is as important to our lives as any element. Closeness with the water source or the sounds are calming and relaxing.


Humans are mesmerized by fire. We fear it as much as we require it. Intrigued by the conflict of whether fire is an element we need or one to avoid. Fire comes alive when fueled and in turn fire warms us and entices us to help it thrive.

Respecting, appreciating, and experiencing all the natural wonders of our world provides an enlightening means of accessing an inner calm. Accessing the natural world around us grounds us and returns us to the core of our being.


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