Feng Shui for Meditation, Wellness, Mindfulness, Spirituality and Simple Living

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Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement often used when staging your home to sell or trying to achieve meditation, wellness, mindfulness, spirituality and simple living. When your home is devoid of clutter, clean and organized, you often feel less stress. Feng shui isn’t a religion or an abstract religious theory as much as it’s a natural and peaceful way to live. When you come home after working outside the home, it just feels better to come into a nicely decorated and neat home. You can quickly and easily apply a few feng shui principles to your home. It’s not necessary to spend money on a feng shui expert to survey your home and make suggestions but start yourself by clearing out the clutter.

The North area

The north area of your home is the “career” area. If you have a home office on the north side of your home, set it up for no distractions. Paint the walls colors blue colors. Since the water element is important, use paintings depicting water or a water feature such as tabletop fountain.

The East area

The east part of your home rules the health and family. Experts suggest using water, earth and wood elements to decorate. Some ideas include using a brown leather sofa or painting with an earth color. Use vibrant plants in the living space, which naturally cleans the indoor air.

The South area

The south area in your home rules fame and reputation. Using red and purple brings good fortune, according to experts. Fire is the element for the south area of the home. Some wealth and good fortune tips include decorating with art or images that represent success to you, using mirrors to bring in more light and expand the area and decorating with green, the color of money.

The West area

The “Bagua” area on the west side of our home represents creativity and children. Designers often use a lot of metal elements and photos of children. Ideas include painting the walls metal or earth colors such as painting with white or gray, using mental picture frames and creating a play room on the west side of the home.

Having a pet often creates good energy in your home as well. Feng shui is all about giving everyone in the family space and resources to grow, mediate and flourish. Use paint colors that energize you in the more active spaces with restful colors in the bedrooms.


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