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Though the good Earth spins calm and calculated in its orbit around the sun, we still somehow manage to get caught up in the seemingly mad centrifuge of the day-to-day. The incessant whirling pulls us in too many different directions for us to always be able to tell right side up from upside down. The good news is that we have more control than we think. Here are some tips to continued success in leading the low stress, enlightened life we all crave.
Stay Mindful

Mindfulness is an important practice to help keep ourselves in the present moment.  It’s easy to get lost in the murky ocean of our brains. When we are mindful, we are fully aware of our thoughts, feelings and sensations in THIS moment alone. Neither the past nor the future exist here, thereby freeing us from the pain of something that has previously occurred, or the worry associated with wondering how things will turn out.

  • Meditate – Sit still and comfortable. Close your eyes and begin to breathe naturally and calmly, focusing your attention on your out breath. Once you have come back to this present moment, thoughts will inevitably pop into existence. Mindfully acknowledge them without judgement, then let them go as you breathe out. Frequent practice will lead to increased awareness in your day-to-day life.
  • Live from the Heart – Thoughts are obtrusive when it comes to staying centered and in the moment. They pull us out and send us on a journey to places and moments far from this one. As our spiritual center, the heart is our defense.  It is where we build compassion both for ourselves and for others. This is where we trust that all is as it should be. Where we cultivate love and joy. Here in the heart we understand that joy does not magically come from outside circumstances. We bring the joy forth from our hearts into situations, thereby making them joyous.
  • Keep it Simple – Feeling bombarded by society as it exists today? Technology, social media, the incessant stream of bad to worse in the news. It’s all just too much. At, we are giving you permission to detach a little for wellness sake. Don’t get sucked in. Come back to this moment, breathe, and refocus your energy on the simple things. Take a walk, play with your children or pets, hit the yoga mat, plant some fresh herbs for the kitchen window sill, or just take a moment and be grateful. Do something that makes your heart smile.

Remember that we control our reactions to circumstances. It’s a choice we make in the moment. It’s difficult and expends a lot of precious energy to blow up, freak out or bang ones head against a wall. It’s better for our bodies, minds and spirits when we are gentle with ourselves. So let’s get out of our heads and back into our hearts where we can practice these important techniques. They will make this choice easier and more intuitive over time. Check back frequently for more great ideas on how to find your own path to wellness.


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