Budget-Wise Ways to Help Your Teen Explore Their Career Options

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Does your child dream of going to college or pursuing a creative path? As you probably know, the cost of higher education keeps growing each year. So, it is probably hard for you to figure out how to help your teen pursue their dreams on a budget. Some teens don’t want to go to college, but instead want to pursue a creative path like writing, music or art.

However, all these options can be expensive for most families. But does this mean your child’s dreams are out of reach? The answer to that question is, absolutely not. So keep reading to learn how to help your teen pursue their dreams on a budget.

Explore a Higher Education

One option for online higher education that won’t break the bank is Penn Foster College. They founded the school in 1890 and it is accredited. This college is an excellent value for the student or family on a budget. The benefits of attending this online college include:

  • Interest-free, online monthly payments.
  • Students can study at their own pace.
  • They include all textbooks and materials.
  • Students can interact and get support via the Penn Foster student portal.
  • Student support and instructors are easily accessible.

Penn Foster also has a career school for those who don’t want to pursue a degree that offers all the same benefits.

Options Other Than an Online College

Another option for taking online courses on a budget is Udemy. They offer classes in all kinds of subjects like online programming, starting your own business and personal development. These classes allow students to learn at their own pace, They also receive a certificate upon completion.

This is an excellent option for teenagers who aren’t quite sure what they want to do. This site gives them the ability to dabble in a few different choices before they decide what they want to pursue without racking up a ton of debt.

Your Teen’s Creative Passions

Does your teen want a career in the music business, but you don’t have the money to send them to a prestigious music college? No worries, your teen should be able to find all the info they need via SongU. This website offers classes on everything from writing lyrics to music theory and from pitching songs to setting up your own publishing company. Students can also find a co-writer if they like to write words or music. They offer two packages, Lite Member and Platinum Membership, both at reasonable prices.

Does your teen want to pursue a career as an author or freelance writer? Contrary to popular belief, writing can be a profitable career. There are many independent authors, ghostwriters, and freelance writers who make a comfortable living. You can find lots of books and courses about writing online. Encourage your teen to pick out three books, look up the author’s websites and let them choose someone they can resonate with.

There are still many ways your teen can pursue their passions within your family budget. They are still able to access all the information they need in order to build their confidence and blaze their own path to success.


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