Home and Garden Decorating Tips to Encourage Art and Reading

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Home and Garden Decorating Tips to Encourage Art and Reading

Just because you start a family, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your modern home with pristine collections and expensive gadgets. Family friendly home and garden tips help you kid-proof your home and yard while teaching your children a more “cosmopolitan” world view. It’s important for expose your children to art and culture in the home. Consider ways to make your home open, fresh and inviting for children, while maintaining the architectural style of your home. Express your individual personality in a few of the rooms while creating a more collective family environment in other rooms.

Framing Your Child’s Artwork

One creative idea is to create a wall in the family room or a play room for chalk drawings. The board, which can easily take up one entire wall, gives children an acceptable place to draw. Some people hire professional artists to draw murals that incorporate a few of the child’s doodles. It’s also smart to frame your children’s art projects to use as art throughout the home.

Using Outdoor Accessories in Your House

Another great way to survive the years of small children and the family pets is to use outdoor rugs and outdoor drapes indoors. Many outdoor rugs are great for high traffic areas. In keeping with the same thinking, choose durable materials and sturdy furniture.

Painting with Lots of Color

Although some parents choose pink for girls and blue for boys, focus more on vibrant colors. Yellow often warms up a cold space, especially in the winter. Consider playful wall coverings with child-friendly themes. Avoid decorating with too many stereotypical “girl” themes such as the helpless princess themes. Instead, encourage intelligence and imagination. Fibookshelfshelf with classic children’s books that are age-appropriate. Even though many children use technology, holding an old-fashioned book is still the best way to encourage reading. When decorating, display some of the best illustrated books as art.

When decorating a child-friendly home, it’s fun to create magical rooms where children dream, learn and play. Keep your child’s room organized with plenty of closet space and drawers for putting away toys. Other home and garden decorating tips include setting up a reading and play area near a butterfly or herb garden with small furniture for children.


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