How’s That New Year’s Resolution Coming So Far?

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Many people make a New Year’s resolution to change something in their lives. They usually choose to fix something. Some vow to lose weight or quit smoking. Others may resolve to save more money, pay off debt, stop swearing, or to stop procrastinating. Fans of making New Year’s Resolutions often give up within a month or two of the beginning of the year decrying “maybe next year.”

Some people just don’t bother making resolutions because they have learned the hard lessons of failure. They have given up on change and would rather not take a chance at making a resolution only to feel worse because they couldn’t be successful.

Why You May Need a Mindset Adjustment

When traditional New Year’s resolutions are made, there is a strong tendency to look back at the past year and consider things that didn’t go well.

What we sometimes forget is that we have a few things in our lives that are going just fine. We are actually quite successful at a number of things. Why not review to good things in our lives? Take stock of the things we do well and pledge to keep doing them. What do you enjoy in your life? What have you been doing that you want to keep doing?

Practice looking at your life and everything in it with a positive spin. Instead of complaining about clutter you need to get rid of, decide what is in the clutter that you enjoy and celebrate it. Find a place to display your collection, even if just for you. There’s a reason why you haven’t gotten rid of those things. Diet? What do you enjoy eating? Decide what you like to eat. Focus on what to keep in your diet, not what you need to give up.

What If You Forget to Make a New Year’s Resolution?

You didn’t declare a resolution on New Year’s Day? Relax. Resolutions don’t have to be begun on January 1st. We can self-reflect at any time we choose. Add a positive spin to your resolutions now and in the future.

Look back at the past year and recognize the accomplishments that will give you the confidence to succeed in the future. You are worth it.


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