The Important Basics of Mindful Breathing

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Meditation is a popular form of stress reduction and the focus of a large self-help industry which includes mindful breathing.  There are shelves and shelves of books written about how to meditate.  They all have something in common. If you’d like to feel better each day, read on to learn the basics of mindful breathing. 

Why is Mindful Breathing So Important?

Breathing is the core of all meditation programs and guides.  You constantly breath 24 hours around the clock constantly.  And, everyone has the ability to meditate.  You only need to be aware of it.  Also, awareness is the second key to meditation and mindful living.  Best of all, you don’t need professional help to learn about breathing and awareness because you already know how to do both.

The first thing to know is that you can’t do it wrong.  In fact, breathing is an automatic function.  No matter how old you are, your body has been breathing just fine without your input. And your breathing will most likely do just fine for a long time to come.  Also, learning to meditate does not require much change.  Change will come as a result of your meditation.  You are breathing while you are reading this, so just continue.

The Awareness Part of Mindful Meditation

Becoming aware of your body’s excellent job of breathing is the awareness part of mindful meditation. Bring your attention to your breath.  Just notice it.  Don’t judge it.  Trust that you are breathing correctly.  Don’t try to change how you are breathing.  Simply notice how it feels. 

Notice the sensation of inhaling and exhaling.  Let your body breathe.  Don’t speed it up.  Don’t slow it down.  You are breathing just fine.  Get to know how your body breathes for you.  Congratulations, you are meditating. 

Mindfulness is about being in the present, not thinking about the present, but experiencing it.  Practicing breathing meditation is mindful.  You are in the present.  You are breathing now.  Your mind will wander from time to time.  No problem.  Your body is simply getting on without your input.  Mindful breathing meditations help prevent stress as well as to de-stress you when needed.  Breathe often.


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