Mindful Meditation Using Our Five Senses

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Mindful Meditation Using Our Five Senses

Mindfulness meditation is about finding our way to the present. Today we live such busy lives and we easily get wrapped up with regrets about the past and worry about the future. Reintegrating with the present is an enlightening moment. The realization that the present is only a moment long brings a renewed sense of well-being that is immediately familiar and sought.

Awareness of the present can easily be experienced by bringing our attention to what is happening now, in this moment. One way to experience this is to step outside. Optionally, chose a comfortable chair or go for a short walk. Using our five senses, we can absorb all that is available to us in this moment, in this present.


Notice the sounds you are hearing. Try to take note of each of them. What are the sounds? Where are the sounds coming from? Where are they going? Notice the nature sounds such as birds and trees. Separate the man-made sounds of cars, trucks, and construction noise.


Our sense of touch is always working. Our body is always aware of our environment. Are you standing or sitting? What are the sensations on your body? Notice the wind or breeze on the exposed areas of your skin. Take note of temperature changes.


Everywhere we turn there are smells. We become accustomed to so many, we stop paying attention. Take a few moments to bring your awareness to the smells around you. Using only your sense of smell try to identify what they are and where they are coming from.


You may have brought a snack or drink with you. If so, note what you can about the tastes and textures. Notice where and how you taste. You will also notice how you can taste smells around you. Some of our smell sense is on our taste buds!


What do you see? Take note of your immediate environment. Study the natural and the man-made. Notice the perfections, imperfections, textures and colors. Be particularly watchful for the things you never noticed before.

Meditation is available anytime, anywhere. The present is all that is needed. We often find ourselves locked in the past or the future but once accessed the present is mostly inescapable. Bringing our awareness to our present using our senses is available to all of us in all our moments.


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