Parenting Advice: 3 Tips for Cultivating Your Child’s Interests

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A child’s interests are often different from your own. The support and enthusiasm of a parent is a powerful catalyst for a child to cultivate their interests. If your child believes that their passions are important and worthwhile it can positively affect their confidence level and their self-perception. It can also improve parent-child communication later on.

Get Involved

Expressing excitement for the things that your child enjoys encourages them to continue sharing their likes and dislikes with you in the future. Having parental support is a wonderful motivator for a child to develop their interests and pursue their personal goals, even at a very young age. Being attentive and asking your child questions about their favorite animal, pastime, or school subject.

Seek Out Resources

Once your child reveals their affinity for a particular sport, dog breed, or musical instrument take a trip to your local library. There is undoubtedly a non-fiction section packed from bookend to bookend with literature on your child’s favorite subject. Learning all you can together, whether you are watching documentaries or browsing the internet for informative child-friendly videos, is the perfect method to cultivate your child’s interests.

Teach Real World Application

Teaching your child that their interests have the potential to be valuable to them throughout their lives can persuade and inspire them to choose to pursue those interests for years to come. If they love dinosaurs, offer them information on paleontology or museum curation. If they are fascinated by the solar system, suggest astronomy, meteorology, or aerospace careers. Showing your child that there are real world applications that coincide with their interests can make a big impact.


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