Parenting Advice: Helping a Hyper Child Channel Energy

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Parenting Advice: Helping a Hyper Child Channel Energy

When you live with a hyperactive child, it often feels as though you are living with a tornado. Instead of letting your child’s hyperactivity control your environment, consider parenting advice to turn his or her hyperactivity into productivity. When your child finds a purpose for his or her energy, everyone finds greater peace. Of course, a doctor will let you know whether your child is actually affected by hyperactivity disorder or whether your child is simply active. ADHD is often noticeable at about two or three years of age, according to experts. Some signs include difficulty staying focused, paying attention and tendency to interrupt or blurt out thoughts. While some people shame parents and children with ADHD, you can channel the energy into productive and creative activities. Think of it as harnessing their energy.

Participating in sports

Children with ADHD often love taking part in sports such as team sports. Martial arts, ballet, tennis, yoga and child-friendly aerobic classes all provide great physical activity. Martial arts also help children focus and practice discipline.

Acting and playing an instrument

Whether your child likes music or acting, get them involved in performance art activities. Some children learn to control their impulses when they follow a script and perform on stage. Others enjoy focusing on reading musical notes and playing a band instrument. Researchers say playing an instrument engages both sides of the brain.

Working on arts and crafts

Whether you teach your child to sew or enroll them in painting classes, encourage them to express their creativity. Woodworking, sewing, building models, painting and decorating cakes take a creative concept and make it tangible.

Other ideas include camping, gardening and taking responsibility by cleaning or mowing the yard. For more parenting advice related to attention deficit, visit CHADD, The National Resource on ADHD.


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