Top Parenting Advice: Making Chores Fun Again

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Parenting Advice – Making Chores Fun Again!

As a parent, your first creative chore system for your child that works is like a tiny miracle that helps improve chore morale for at least a few weeks. But after the initial excitement wears off, the system is no longer fun and therefore is not as effective. Unfortunately, one chore system is not going to be the end all be all for any child. In order to make and keep chores fun and exciting, you need to come up with a few different chore ideas/systems and rotate them on a regular basis to keep them fresh and fun.

Here is some parenting advice on some fun chore systems:

Chore Chopper

Draw some bones and write the different chores on each one. Then you can print or make your own monster with a big pocket for a mouth. Laminate the bones if you want them to last longer. Then, as each chore is accomplished your child gets to feed the Chore Chopping monster a bone.

Chore Chart

You can’t go wrong with a classic sticker chore chart. Look for some stickers that match your child’s interests like trains, TV shows, etc. That will make your child more interested in doing the chores to get the stickers.

Chore Popsicle Sticks

Write down the different chores on one end of each Popsicle stick and place them in a cup or a jar. Your child must accomplish every chore on the Popsicle sticks but they feel a sense of freedom when they are able to draw each chore – stick one at a time. Your child can choose to put one chore back and draw another, but in the end, they all need to be done.

Chore Wheel

You can make a fun chore wheel with some paper, markers, and a fastening tack. Take a look at how to make one here.


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