Parenting Advice: Set Your Kids Up For Success During Chore Time

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Parenting Advice: Set Your Kids Up For Success During Chore Time

Let’s face it, sometimes getting your kids to help out with household chores can make you want to run for the hills. There are a few strategies that you can implement to save your sanity and make parent-child cooperation more likely during chore time.

Age-Appropriate Chores

Expecting a child to complete a task that is too difficult for them can create frustration and resistance. Asking a toddler with limited reach and coordination to wash high windows or load the dishwasher is setting both child and parent up for failure. Ensuring that the chores are age-appropriate can increase a child’s confidence in their ability to complete what is asked of them.

Set the Timer

Keep the complaints to a minimum by giving your child an allotted time for each task. Setting a timer for a short burst of activity can help create a sense of urgency, while clearly laying out your expectations to your child. When there’s no confusion about when a task should be completed and how long it needs to take, whining and procrastination are less likely.


Reward programs are a parenting favorite, giving incentives for children to become potty-trained, earn an allowance, and gain many other privileges. Chore time is no exception. Doling out a coveted treat or prize for a completed job may make your child more willing to continue helping out around the house in the future. A reward system also teaches your child about cause and effect, namely if they fulfill their responsibilities, they can receive a sticker, candy, or money to purchase a toy they have their eye on.

Make It Fun

Personalizing chore time for your child may encourage them as well. If they view it as a fun part of their day, it may even become something they look forward to instead of something they dread. Put on their favorite music, let them dance while they dust, maybe allow them to assume a character while they clean. There are endless options for infusing a little fun into household work.


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