Parenting Advice to Prevent Narcissism in the Selfie Generation

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When it comes to parenting advice for the selfie generation, one of the big topics is narcissism. In the metaphysical and astrological world, the Pluto position at birth determines one’s generation with some generations more selfish than others. If you had a child born between Nov. 1983 and 1995, they are part of the Scorpio “dark night of the soul.” Children born from about 1995 to 2008 are born when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Pluto in Sagittarius is part of the selfie rather than selfless generation. Experts say there are several steps parents take to avoid raising a narcissist. Narcissistic personality disorder is a controversial diagnosis, but many people display narcissistic characteristics without a full-blown personality disorder. A University of Amsterdam and Ohio State University study showed parents who over-value their children create little ones who think they are more entitled and special.

Say ‘no’ and stick to it

When it comes to saying, ‘no,’ make sure you pick your battles carefully. It’s important to follow through. Saying ‘no’ does not mean you inhibit your child’s freedom or self-expression. Instead, it helps them develop realistic expectations for the world as well as proper boundaries.

Model basic manners

Another way to prevent narcissism is to teach your child civility and ideas of common decency. For example, do not use your cellular phone when eating out. Model how to have polite dinner conversation. Use proper manners. A fun way to get your children involved is to ask them to help set the table.

Make kindness a habit

Narcissistic people look out for No. 1. Teach your children to show kindness to other people. Take your children with you when you donate to charities or volunteer. Do not make a big show of helping others since covert narcissists only help others for the attention.

According to experts another way to help is to read. One study found reading fiction helps a child feel more empathetic for characters and, eventually, strangers and loved ones. Most narcissists lack empathy or the ability to feel what another person feels. Other parenting advice includes showing your child unconditional love but not unconditional approval. Approval is something you give to what they do, while love is what you give for who they are.


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