Quick and Easy Body Scan

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Quick and Easy Body Scan

Meditation and mindfulness do not have to be complicated. It’s a way of living that requires no tools. You don’t need a yoga mat but you can use one if you want. It’s perfectly fine and useful to find a quiet spot and get comfortable to practice meditation but it’s not required. Quite often it’s the noise out there in the world that brings our thoughts to craving a quiet moment. That quiet moment is available to any of us, anytime, anywhere. Peace and quiet is waiting right here in our present.

A meditative practice allows us to capture the present anytime anywhere we are, no matter how noisy it is. A body scan is a one way to quickly get there,

What’s a body scan? Simply put, it is a meditation to bring our awareness to our body, to center us and bring us into the physical present, our personal physical present. A body scan has no minimum or maximum time that must be dedicated to it. The environment does not have to be quiet or comfortable.

Notice where your body is. You may be sitting, lying down, or standing. A traditional body scan will have you start from your head or your toes. You will bring your awareness to all the sensations of your body. There is no rule that you must follow any particular map to do a body scan properly. Keep things simple. Start where you are. Where is your body? Start there.

What part of your body did you first became aware of when you brought your attention to your body? You might first be aware of your feet touching the floor. You might also be aware of where your body is in contact with the chair, couch, or floor you are sitting in.

Be aware of the parts of your body that are not in contact with anything. This might include the small of your back or the back of your neck, or the arches of your feet. Notice where parts of your body touch other parts such as your legs touching each other. You may notice the sensation of your arm touching your leg.

There you have it. Quick and easy. Notice how interesting your body is, just there. Notice how everything else fades into the background if only for a few moments. The present and your body are always with you.


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