How to Relax and Get Rid of Stress as a Parent

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Parenting is no easy job. There are many challenges and struggles you come across at some point with your child that you’ve had no preparation for. Also, it can be a time of great stress. Some things come easy, some are more difficult, and that’s okay. So read on to get some tips that may help you.

Parenting Tips to Reduce Your Stress

Here are some tips to relax and get rid of stress as a parent:

  • Take your time. This isn’t easy. Breathe, lay back, and take some time for yourself. Think about the here and now, take it all day by day and learn to take things as they come.
  • Kids will be kids. Screaming, crying and untidiness are daily obstacles as a parent. It’s what comes with having a child. As a child, it is the only way they know how to release their feelings. Learn to comfort them through those times and remember that it will pass. As they get older they’ll learn to show their feelings through much calmer ways.
  • Discipline with love. Don’t be afraid to discipline your kid. Disciplining your child is what helps them learn to control their behavior.  Instead of telling your child not to do something, teach them what they can do instead. Here are some things to remember:
    • It is common for your child to mess with something they shouldn’t. Instead of telling them, “no” or “Don’t touch that,” take the object they are playing with and put it out of their reach. You can also give them a toy instead to distract them from touching something they shouldn’t.
    • You can’t always get what you want and your child needs to learn that. If they cry and fuss over not being able to have something, giving it to them to calm them down is rewarding them for bad behavior. Only after they’ve calmed down, may they be rewarded. It teaches them to stay calm and polite to get what they want.
    • Time-out works. If your child is acting up, give them their space. Sitting and thinking about their actions can help them learn to react in a calmer manner next time.

Personal Changes to Help You Get Rid of Parenting Stress

  • Meditate: It’s very relaxing to take some time for yourself to breathe and stretch. It helps you take on stress-inducing situations in a much calmer fashion and reduce any existing stress. A couple of minutes a day can really make a big difference.
  • Talk: Whether it’s a family member or a friend, talking to someone can help lessen the stress. Tell them what is causing you stress or even just talk about your day.
  • Journal: Get out a pencil, a piece of paper and just write. Let it all out. Write about everything you have going on. This can help a lot. It transfers part of your stress from you to the paper.
  •  Rest: Make sure you’re getting the sleep you need to keep you energized throughout your day. Taking a nap in the afternoon or getting yourself to bed early can do the trick.
  •  Take It All in and Let It All Go: Get out and enjoy the simple things. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the nature that’s surrounding you. The things you are worrying about now will not matter in the long run. Just relax and let it go as much as you can.

Remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect parent. Every parent experiences frustration and stress from time to time. Go easy on yourself and soon you’ll have some serious coping skills. And remember, children grow up way too fast, so enjoy every moment.


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