Quiet Sounds to Meditate by, Even in Noisy Places

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Some meditators report that the best place to meditate is where there is total quiet. But, is that realistic? It might be possible for some. For others, finding such a quiet space might be difficult. The ability to find a place without sound or noise might be impossible. So, what should you do? Believe it or not, there are quiet sounds to mediate by, even in noisy places. So, read on to learn much more.

What About Times Square?

Would it be unrealistic to find that Times Square in New York City is a viable place to practice mindful meditation? Times Square might be one of the most populated places in the country if not the world. But, there are some folks who meditate there.  Times Square and the blocks around it may be busy and noisy, but many meditate there. In fact, they can find their own peace among the noise. Although there are much quieter places to choose from, it’s not impossible.

Listening to sounds or the lack of them is meditation. Bring your attention to the sounds around you wherever you are and pick a sound or grouping of sounds. Identify them and follow them. How many different activities are happening around you? Are the activities related? Do you hear people, vehicles, machinery or nature?

This can be a fun exercise to do if you do it in a familiar place. You will be amazed at all that is happening that you didn’t notice before. Enlighten yourself and enjoy the mindful journey to listening and hearing all that is in your presence.

There are many places that are preferred by one person or another to meditate. Each of these places come with a wide range of sounds from total silence to loud city noise. Mindful meditation is possible anywhere. The experience is in being in the present without regard to anything that is there. It is possible to just “be” and to hear nothing or everything.


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