3 Stress-Free Holiday Decorating Tips

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Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating is an exciting time to share with family and friends. So how can you create a festive and inviting home without the stress of damaging your walls or furniture? Consider these 3 creative ways to add charm and holiday cheer.

Holiday Decorating: Door Hangers

Take advantage of the space on your interior and exterior doors. Standard door hangers easily hang on the top of your doors with no need for sticky adhesive or nails. Use door hangers to display traditional wreaths or get creative by hanging stockings or banners.

Holiday Decorating: Decorative Pillows

A simple and elegant way to create a comfortable and inviting room is to decorate with throw pillows. Select colors and textures that already complement your existing decor. Add a touch of glam by choosing pillows with sequins or beading. If you’re looking to invest in a piece that will last beyond the holidays choose a pillow that has a snowflake design. This motif works wonderfully through the holidays and into the remaining winter season.

Holiday Decorating: Fireplace Mantel & Bookcase Decor

If your home has a fireplace mantel or built-in book shelves take advantage of these focal points and display framed holiday family photos or other festive mementos. To avoid clutter and add interest, stack books on top of each other to create different levels to place your items. These spaces also provide a great canvas to display all of those holiday cards.

We hope these tips help inspire and protect your home during the holiday decorating season.


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