Top 5 Work From Home Jobs for Today’s Woman

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For most moms, having a great job that gives you the freedom to stay home with your kids is the ultimate dream. Luckily, with all the opportunities available, you can find a work from home job that fits your family’s schedule. Here are five great work from home jobs to start earning money.

English Teacher

If you’re a native English speaker and love chatting on the phone, teaching English online could be the perfect job for you. Students in China, Japan, Korea, and many other countries need English speakers to practice with. There’s a wide variety of students you can work with, from adults in the corporate world, to adorable children in China.

Whatever you choose, it’s a great opportunity to connect with another culture. And you can help them get that step up in their English fluency. Check out or to get started teaching English online from home.

Virtual Assistant

With so many businesses running online in 2017, there’s a huge opening for people to step in and support the day-to-day admin processes. Becoming a virtual assistant is a great opportunity to sharpen a variety of skills, from copywriting to marketing, customer support, and website management. You’ll learn all about how an online business works, making this a great opportunity for someone looking to potentially start their own online venture.

Find virtual assistant jobs on

Social Media Manager

Think about all the time you spend on Facebook or Instagram – now, imagine getting paid for all that time! More and more small online businesses are seeking social media managers to manage their accounts, creating posts and maintaining a presence on social media. If you have experience with social media and a decent following, you may be able to reach out directly to companies you’d love to work with to provide this service.

Search or for companies looking for help with their social media.

Freelance Writing

Writing is a service in high-demand at the moment, as businesses need a constant flow of content for their blogs and web presence. Prepare a small portfolio of writing samples in the field you’d like to work in, then pitch companies who could use your services. While experience is helpful, it’s the drive, ambition, and creativity to produce content from different angles that will help you become successful in freelance writing as a work from home job.

Check out or for paid writing opportunities.


If you’re inspired to go the entrepreneurial route and start your own venture, blogging is a great way to dive in. Once you build a sizable following, you can monetize through affiliate advertising or Google AdSense, or add in paid products, services, or courses to offer your readers. Start out by finding your niche and target audience of readers, then create valuable content and engaging Facebook groups to get the conversation going. Don’t expect to start earning a ton of money right away, but if you dedicate the time and energy to your blog, it can become a thriving business.


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